Reminder – December 12th Meeting

We will be in our old stomping grounds at the Wellness Center. The meeting will start sharply at 1:30 PM but try to arrive earlier to socialize!

Please invite a guest or partner.

We will be hearing from two local Dietitians who are part of the Peterborough Family Health Team. They have designed their presentation with two goals in mind;

  1. To review the latest dietary strategies recommended in primary care for cardiovascular disease.

  2. To tailor their presentation to our group, that is, folks who have already had the basics from our rehab experience.

This is a big opportunity for us to get some nagging dietary questions answered. If you prefer, complete the input form below and we will ask the questions on your behalf at the meeting. Also remember to bring long a recipe favorite that you may wish to share.














































































Confirming December 12 Meeting – Wellness Center – 1:00 PM


Hello everyone

I am at home recovering from my hip surgery so not quite ready for the 15 minute mile walk. Heads up to everyone this is a very important meeting from the perspective of demonstrating the demand for professional services for our group. We have two dietitians from the PFHT (Peterborough Family Health Team). They will be leading discussion around the latest dietary strategies being recommended by the Canadian Medical Association to support primary care for cardiovascular health.

A more detailed flyer will come out this week. Again Wellness Center at 1:00 PM, not the YMCA. Bring a friend, spouse or partner.


Newest Recommendations on Dietary Strategies for Cardio Vascular Health

The information below was excerpted from the October 9th, 2018 Canadian Medical Association Journal. The recommendations come from a group of medical practitioners whose mission is to harmonize guidelines for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease in primary care. We will be discussing their dietary recommendations at our December 12th meeting. We will confirm location within a week.

We will have the assistance of two Registered Dietitians as guest speakers. The dietitians are being provided by the Peterborough Family Health Team as part of their desire to sponsor our efforts in the Peterborough community. More information will be provided to you on this sponsorship as details firm up over the next couple of months.

Dietary Recommendations 

  1. To prevent hypertension and reduce blood pressure in hypertensive adults; consider reducing sodium intake toward 2000 mg per day.
  2. We suggest that all individuals be encouraged to moderate energy (caloric) intake to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and adopt healthy dietary patterns to lower their risk of cardiovascular disease;
    • Mediterranean Dietary Pattern
    • Portfolio Dietary Pattern
    • Dash Dietary Pattern
    • Dietary Patterns High in nuts (greater than or equal to 30 g /day)
    • Dietary Patterns High in legumes (greater than or equal to 4 servings /week)
    • Dietary Patterns High in olive oil (greater than or equal to 60 ml /day)
    • Dietary Patterns Rich in fruits and vegetables (greater than or equal to 5 servings /day)
    • Dietary Patterns High in total fiber (greater than or equal to 30 g /day) and whole grains (greater than or equal to 3 servings / day)
    • Low glycemic load or low glycemic index dietary patterns
    • Vegetarian dietary patterns
  3. People with Diabetes should be offered timely self management education that is tailored to enhancing self-care practices and behaviors.
  4. Overweight or obese patients
    • A dietary plan for improving health of obese patients should be part of an overall weight management strategy
    • A comprehensive healthy lifestyle intervention is recommended for people with overweight or obesity

Active Lifestyles

This is a reminder of our meeting on November 14th at 1:30 PM at the YMCA on Aylmer. We have an exciting line-up for this meeting.

Cardiologist David Alter will talk about the importance of an active lifestyle to longevity and overall health. He will explain the concept of trying to achieve a minimum of 750 MET Minutes of activity each week.

Did you know:

  1. Moderate to Vigorous Cycling for an hour, or tennis for an hour are roughly equivalent at 480 MET Minutes.

  2. Walking 3 miles in an hour is 200 MET Minutes.

  3. Mowing the lawn pushing a power mower for an hour is 270 MET Minutes.

  4. Vacuuming for an hour comes in at 210 MET Minutes. 

We want to have a lively discussion on how each of us stays active.

The second half of the meeting will be a presentation and demonstration of TAI CHI. 250 MET Minutes in an hour!

Vitamin D: A possible ally in the fight against diabetes

When I left hospital in 2012 my doctor suggested vitamin D as a good supplement to take daily in out northern climate. Turns out research shows benefits to blood sugar regulation from vitamin D. This article from McMaster explains the science and benefits.

The Bottom Line

  • Vitamin D can be obtained in small amounts from food, sunlight, or supplements; and can help regulate insulin levels.
  • Vitamin D supplementation may help lower average blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes; and is especially effective in people who also have a vitamin D deficiency, and are non-obese and deficient.
  • Supplementation for more than 12 weeks at ≥ 1000 IU/day may be most beneficial.

Read the full article at the link below;

Vitamin D and Diabetes

Get up, get moving, and exercise your way to a healthier mind

We have all been told about the benefits of exercise for heart health and body strength. I saw this article on the McMaster University website on healthy aging. It discusses the benefits of movement on the brain and our cognitive abilities. You can view the article by clicking on the link below;

Brain Benefits From Exercise

We will be discussing activity at our November meeting. Staying active and resistance training were the two areas we felt as a group we needed to focus on more. Here is a summary of our self reflection survey. Please come prepared to have an open conversation on your activity ideas.

The group as a whole were confident they were staying on track in the areas in green below, the yellow areas had some opportunities for getting back on track but not bad. The areas in red had the broadest opportunity for getting back on track.

Medications Compliance
Staying Smoke Free
Managing Blood Pressure
Managing Blood Sugar
Keeping Alcohol Consumption within Guidelines
Heart Healthy Diet
Aerobic Exercise
Stress Management
Resistance Training
Active vs. Sedentary




In the interest area survey we did in August one of the areas with the highest interest was podcasts or videos of heart health topics. We have added a separate link on the helpful links list with videos by subject area; examples

  • New Innovations to
    Open Blocked Arteries

  • What’s New In

You can browse and select the videos you are interested in by going to the helpful links section of the website and clicking on Heart Health Online Videos.


At our October 10th meeting ( 1:30 PM – YMCA on Aylmer) we will discuss strategies for staying on track with a heart healthy lifestyle. A good starting point is to reflect on our current habits and practices. This could lead to setting new goals and plans for getting back on track.

Please complete the survey you can access by clicking on the link below. It is confidential.

You may want to print a copy of your completed survey before you SUBMIT it.