Added sugar: Where is it hiding?

Added sugar is everywhere in the food supply. It’s so ubiquitous that you might find some packaged and processed foods unappetizing without it. The Harvard Medical School has provided a tightly written summary of the major sources of added sugar as well as exploring alternative sweeteners. You can view this article at the link below. This has also been added to the Eating Well section of the Peer Group website.

Added Sugar Sources

Got Questions – Have Answers

Our Pharmacist Guest Speaker is looking forward to addressing your “tough” questions about medications, what they are supposed to do, why sometimes they do not work the way they were intended, side effects and long term effects. See you November 13 at the Wellness Center Room A 1:30.HitByABrick

Join us for an interactive session on Cardiac Medications – November 13th, 1:30 PM at the Wellness Center

Our November meeting will be all about medications. Our guest subject area expert is Dipesh Patel a Pharmacist with Shoppers Drugmart on Lansdowne. Dipesh also has a special designation in the treatment of Diabetes so let’s take advantage of this opportunity to gain some insights into the management of diabetes.


Bring a list of your medications with you. Let’s share stories about our experiences with medications and get some discussion going. We will also talk about other ways of achieving similar outcomes that we expect from our medications.

Diabetes Medication Survey


Our guest pharmacist for the November meeting has expertise in all of the usual heart health medications we may be using but he is also a specialist in diabetes treatment and medications. There are a large number of medications used to treat diabetes so we want to narrow the discussion to the ones being used by our peer group. Below you will find  a link to a confidential survey.

If you have a prescription for diabetes medication please complete this survey before November 8th!

Here is the link

Diabetes Medication Survey


A Date With The Pharmacist

Mark your calendar for November 13th, 1:30 PM at the Wellness Center – Room A. Our meeting will be all about prescription medications (and alternatives) with a Pharmacist in attendance.

  • Questions about your medication it’s benefits and possible side effects?
  • Stories to tell about your experiences with medications?
  • What other things create similar effects to your medications?


HEART TO HEART Community Talk

Kristen Doucette will be moderating an expert panel on heart health matters. Here is a great opportunity to ask those really tough questions to the panel of experts. The event is in Hastings at the Field House. Here is a link to the directions to get there. It is only 30 minutes. Let me know if you can make it and I will register you.

Directions to the Field House

If you can make it out to this event I know Kristen would love to see you. Bring your friends who may have an interest in the topic of Heart Health. See the details below.

Heart To Heart


Hi everyone. Our previously published Educational Program calendar has been removed from the website. An updated version will very soon be posted for your reference and convenience.

In recent weeks, it’s sometimes felt like I was herding cats! An almost impossible task! I’ve had to make a few changes in our published calendar as topics need to change, dates need to be switched and our planned resource people are not available.

While most of our original schedule has remained intact, a few of our planned event topics have changed. I think we are very close to having the revised schedule confirmed by all parties. In other words – all our known cats have been successfully herded for your healthy heart benefit.

Watch for news of our revised event schedule coming to your Inbox in the coming days.

Don Herald – Chair – Heart Healthy Education Program


October 9th – 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Rooms A and B – The Sport and Wellness Center

Join Exercise Therapist Stephanie Gibson from the Regional Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program for an informative session. Learn how vascular disease develops, the risk factors and how exercise can help prevent and/or manage cardiovascular disease.

At the end of the meeting we will review the results of the On Track survey. If you have not completed it use the link below.

Am I On Track?

Forward Food Leadership Summit

For those of you who are following a dietary regimen rich in plant based foods you may want to attend a conference here in Peterborough on October 25th.

The Summit brings together food service professionals, industry leaders and others in a peer-to-peer environment, gaining insights into the latest trends in both implementing and marketing plant-based menus.

Learn more about meeting the growing demand for healthier, more sustainable and cost-effective menu items, including:

  • Why plant-based is good for the bottom line
  • How to market plant-based menu items
  • How to promote plant-based concepts through social media
  • Why plant-based menus are important for health and the environment

The conference is free but attendance is limited so if you are interested follow the link below to register.

Forward Food Summit