We all have lots of free time these days. It’s the perfect time to explore all the great heart-healthy internet links along the right side of our web page. Since September in our monthly meetings, we’ve explored stretching, balancing, resistance training with weights or resistance bands. Today I went exploring in some of the UHN links and discovered so many excellent ‘how to…’ videos on all of our topics.

There’s also excellent videos on planning and maintaining a heart-healthy diet – which many of us might need a refresh on since nibbling and snacking during the day and evening while in self-isolation, well… let’s just say there’s been some back-sliding on our normal eating patterns!

So – how about it? Put your cursor on a couple of the links and explore the videos. Find something you like and GET ACTIVE again!

Stay safe, everyone.

Don, Mike, Peter and Helen

Covid-19 Update

It is highly unlikely we will be able to conduct any group meetings before the Fall. For that reason we are cancelling May and June meetings.

We will try to keep you informed about “on-line” education opportunities such as the March 31st “RECIPE FOR SUCCESS” webinar. Here a cardiologist and two RD’s discuss heart healthy nutrition.

E-Mail me if you want the link for this webinar.


Recipe For Success March 31 at Noon

The previous BLOG did not clearly state how to complete the form to receive a link for the webinar. You can watch this event on your computer, tablet or phone in the comfort of your home.

Click on the heading above (Recipe For Success) and you will be directed to the website for the contact form.


A Recipe For Success – March 31st at Noon

A couple of days ago I posted a link to register for a Webinar on Heart Healthy Nutrition.

I have since found a way to register anyone who wishes to see this webinar. Let me know by completing the form below and I will send you a link.

Attend A Wellness Seminar While At Home On Covid-19 Lock Down

Here is a great opportunity to continue your learning about “Heart Healthy Lifestyles” and you don’t have to leave home to attend. MARCH 31ST @ NOON – 1:15 PM


This will be an excellent webinar as the folks at Toronto Rehab know how to put on a good show. Dr. Paul Oh is a really good speaker and the two dietitians come with great credentials. To attend all you need to do is register. You will be able to watch the webinar on your computer, tablet or phone as it is a U-Tube broadcast.

To register click the link below. DO IT NOW

Wellness Webinar

Covid-19 Alert – April 2 Meeting Postponed

We have decided after discussion with Doctor Wagner that we will postpone the April 2 meeting, probably until September.

While there is not a single case of Covid-19 infection in Peterborough as of March 12th, it is a prudent action to take. Healthcare workers like Doctor Wagner have been asked to avoid gatherings of 20+ people.

We will stay in touch regarding other potential cancellations of meetings (May and June).

Tomorrow – Plain Talk – Help From The Front Lines

Tomorrow afternoon at the Wellness Centre – 130 pm to 330 pm – we’ll be talking about lessons you learned or are continuing to learn about recovery from a cardiovascular event or news that you have cardiovascular disease.

Please join us. Everyone can benefit from hearing what is working – or not working – for you on your rehabilitation or prevention journey.

Don Herald



All of us in the Cardiac Rehab Alumni Group have been confronted with the realization that we have cardiovascular disease. Some of us have had a cardiac event such as a heart attack or stroke. Others have had heart surgery – bypass, stents or both. A few of us have had neither an event or surgery; you’re with us to learn more about cardiovascular disease and how to adopt heart-healthy habits in order to avoid a cardiac event or surgery.

In our March 11th meeting, we want to hear about your physical and emotional symptoms and reactions after you were told you have cardiovascular disease. More importantly, we want to hear about what you did or are still doing to manage the physical and psychological ‘fall out’.

Once again, Don will facilitate a safe ‘share and learn’ discussion about what physical, feeling and lifestyle strategies work for us and why. This will be good opportunity to hear and learn from other’s experiences while sharing your own.

As usual, this session will be held at the Wellness Centre beginning at 1:30 pm.

Yeah, I know the photo with this post doesn’t really fit the message, but it’s mid-winter and all of us could use a good giggle. Besides, isn’t humour one of the helpful strategies some people use to banish the blues when confronted with the realization that you’ve got cardiovascular disease?