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Peterborough’s Alumni Group membership is mostly graduates of the Central East LHIN Cardiac Rehab Program offered each year in Peterborough. However, other individuals who have either graduated from similar Cardiac Rehab regional programs or have been referred by their care physicians as a preventative measure, also attend. Spouses and partners are most welcome to actively participate in our meetings. There are currently about 30 alumni that are very active in our peer group. Many other alumni whom have spent some time participating in the activities of our group. Our monthly meetings are held at the Wellness Center on Brealey Road in Peterborough.

We are very appreciative of the continuing support and encouragement of the following organizations:

The Peterborough Family Health Team

The City of Peterborough Health and Wellness Centre

The Central East Regional Cardiovascular Rehab Program

Please check our Program Calendar posted below for specific meeting information.

Our Current Program Calendar – September 2019 to June 2020

Wednesday, September 11th

Room C, Wellness Centre. 1:30 pm.

Stretching and Flexibility For Daily Health

Fitness Instructor Donna St John will demonstrate stretching techniques that promote flexibility. Health benefits and getting started strategies will be discussed. Please wear comfortable clothing as some stretching activity will be required. Q+A to follow. Note the room change.

Wednesday, October 9th

Room A+B, Wellness Centre. 1:30 pm.

Exercise and Vascular Disease

Stephanie Gibson from the Central East LHIN will guide us through the process of how vascular disease develops. Risk factors for vascular disease and how exercise aids in preventing, halting and reversing heart disease will be discussed. This will be an open meeting at the Wellness Center. Our alumni will be joined by members of the current rehab class and some interested members of the Wellness Center.

Wednesday, November 13th

Room A, Wellness Centre. 1:30 pm.

A Review Of Common Drugs Used To Treat Cardiovascular Disease

A pharmacist discusses the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of popular drugs used to treat cardiovascular disease. Q+A to follow.

Wednesday, December 11th

Loblaw’s Superstore kitchen. 1:30 pm.

Festive Snacks, Salads and Other Healthy Seasonal Edibles

Healthy food choices for the holiday season will be demonstrated. Participants will be encouraged to bring and share their favourite heart-healthy snack and recipe. Q+A to follow.

Wednesday, January 8th

Room A, Wellness Centre. 1:30 pm

Achieving Better Balance + Fall Prevention Strategies

Fitness Instructor Donna St John will discuss the importance of all adults achieving and maintaining practical physical balancing skills. Gaining a better balance is a critical ingredient in effective fall prevention. Helpful balancing exercises will be practiced. Please wear comfortable clothing, as some balancing practice will occur. Q+A to follow.

Wednesday, February 12th

Rooms A+B, Wellness Centre. 7:00 pm.

Women and Heart Health – Part Two

A continuation of last year’s popular talk by Kawartha Clinic cardiologist Dr. Karen Wagner. February is National Heart Health Month. This event is open to the public. Dr. Wagner’s presence is made possible by a grant from the Peterborough Family Health Team. Q+A to follow.

Wednesday, March 11th

Room A, Wellness Centre. 1:30 pm

Stop. Look. Listen – Reflecting On Our Year So Far

We are taking a pause this month and checking out the takeaway learning from our program events so far. The discussion will help inform our topic choices for our next program cycle beginning in September. It’s also the ideal opportunity to get feedback on how our program events and resource people have met some of your essential needs to maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Wednesday, April 8th

Room A, Wellness Centre. 1:30 pm.

Diagnostic Tools and Protocols In Cardiovascular Medicine

This event will review several of the most widely used diagnostic tools and treatment protocols in cardiovascular medicine. This program is open to the public. Q+A to follow.

Wednesday, May 13th

Room A, Wellness Centre. 1:30 pm

Dealing With The Nutritional Traps Of Salt, Sugar, Fat and Booze

Our daily nutritional choices often contain unhealthy quantities of salt, sugar, fat and alcohol. The risks for each of these ingredients will be explored in more detail. Strategies to reduce or eliminate these harmful elements from our diet will be discussed. The current trend of plant-based meat alternatives will be commented upon. PFHT Dietician Tiffany Watson will lead this session. Q+A to follow.

Wednesday, June 10th

Board Room, PFHT. 1:30 pm

Exploring Mindfulness

A brief introduction to the key principles of the popular stress management practice of mindfulness. An opportunity to practice a mindfulness exercise will be offered, followed by a short debrief of the experience. Information will be provided about the Mindfulness program of the Peterborough Family Health Team. Q+A to follow.

The Cardiac Rehab Alumni Group takes a break from our education and support activities over the summer months. In August, we will publish our educational and event program for September 2020 through to June 2021 in this space. Please check back with us then.

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