Cobourg Events

January 24th, 2018

The inaugural meeting was held at the Community Center and attended by six graduates. The meeting included guests from the Peterborough Alumni Group and the Central East LHIN volunteer administration. The meeting was used to kick-off the program and discuss such items as a meeting schedule. It was agreed the focus now should be on recruiting more graduates into the program. The next meeting in February will be a planning meeting to cover;

  • How will we recruit more of the previous graduates into our peer group?
  • What programming do we want to set up for our group and how much of the existing Peterborough group information do we want to use?

The Peterborough group have extended an open invitation to Cobourg grads for all of the events in Peterborough.

The Cobourg program has been suspended due to lack of local leadership by graduates or volunteers in the rehab program. If anyone in Cobourg would like to restart this program please e-mail

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