Chocolate Tied to Lower Coronary Artery Disease Risk

Now this is truly good news! I happen to love chocolate so when I potted this article I got really excited. But hang on you have to read the fine print, they are not suggesting daily consumption and you need to watch for high fat and sugar content on some processed chocolate. But the dark chocolates in moderation seem to reduce CAD risk. See the article at the link below.

Chocolate Benefits

Five Months and Counting – Peer Group Update

Dear Fellow Graduates

It is hard to believe it will be August this Saturday and also hard to believe we have been in pandemic for five months. I am writing to all of you to give you an update on what is happening with the Graduates Peer Group and to let you know what will happen in September. Please make a special effort to join us at the September meeting on September 16th, it is important to our future.

I started the group in 2017. The reason I started the group is because rehab patients I spoke with had concerns about staying on track after graduating. I personally went through this, having graduated in 2013, and I found it very lonely and difficult to keep myself motivated. I thought it would be great if we could have a peer support group to continue our education and help each other stay on track. Frankly one of my primary reasons for becoming a volunteer in the rehab program was to stay close to the program and the motivation and education it provides.

We have had a good run.

Our programming has been excellent with meetings as large as 64 people in a class but normally we averaged 18 to 22. When Covid – 19 hit we had to cancel our normal events and we have done “on-line” meetings but attendance has dropped to 10-12 people. We know part of the drop in attendance is simply folks prefer live meetings and there are some grads who do not have enough internet power to participate in the Zoom meetings. The Central East LHIN cardiac rehab program has also gone on line and this will make it difficult to recruit new peer group members until we get back to something close to normal.

We will have a bright and important future.

Our plan is to try to sustain the group until such time as things become closer to normal. We have developed a business strategy which we will make available in September. Importantly the mission of the group is being modified to include advocacy projects. We intend to advocate for resources and infrastructure in the community. An example is advocating for more indoor walking facilities as new facilities are built, or, looking for financial breaks for our group at fitness facilities and so on. We have also restructured to include an advisory panel to help guide programming for our group. The panel will include professional resources and some of you fellow graduates. We will also be linking in as part of an alumni program being developed by the Central East LHIN.

Preparing our programming, staying connected with resource partners, recruiting members and generally managing the business of the club is a lot of work. We are more than happy to do it but will not continue if there is limited interest from you the members. We are planning online programs for the near future, until Covid-19 is under control. Please make a special effort to join us at the September meeting on September 16th, it is important to our future.


Life After Rehab – A Graduates Perspective

Three volunteers from the cardiac rehab program will be sharing their stories and answering question about “staying on track”.

Our very own Peter Z. will be one of the grads. This is a short 45 minute meeting that you can join in to watch and listen. Go to the link below at 9:50 AM on Thursday July 23rd. Once you are at the website click on the Thursday event in the

Calendar of Events

Here is the link;

Patient Education

Mini Talks Are Back!!

One aspect of rehab that I found particularly helpful was the education provided by the weekly mini-talk. They were also a big part of my volunteer experience, keeping me current and learning new information when it became available. Necessity being the parent of invention, the Central East Regional Cardiovascular Rehab has had to create a way to provide the rehab program “on-line”. The Cardiac Rehab team has been working towards offering live events as part of their virtual/home program. I just did the Chair Yoga session and it was great! As Grads we are more than welcome to join the live sessions!

Visit the website at the link below;

Central East Regional Cardiovascular Program

and then click on JOIN US LIVE – VIEW SCHEDULE

You can check each week to see the schedule and pick talks that interest you.

Refer A Friend

If you have neighbors, family or friends that you think may benefit from rehab, please refer them to this website. They can view “Is Rehab Right for You?” They can contact the program directly or use the referral form to ask their family doctor about it.

Recipe For Success

Don’t miss this webinar on April 22 from noon until 1:15. This is all about heart healthy eating with cardiologist Paul Oh and two Registered Dietitians. The link to this webinar is provided below, You will watch it on U-Tube.

Recipe For Success


Covid-19 Update

It is highly unlikely we will be able to conduct any group meetings before the Fall. For that reason we are cancelling May and June meetings.

We will try to keep you informed about “on-line” education opportunities such as the March 31st “RECIPE FOR SUCCESS” webinar. Here a cardiologist and two RD’s discuss heart healthy nutrition.

E-Mail me if you want the link for this webinar.


A Recipe For Success – March 31st at Noon

A couple of days ago I posted a link to register for a Webinar on Heart Healthy Nutrition.

I have since found a way to register anyone who wishes to see this webinar. Let me know by completing the form below and I will send you a link.