Please join us on September 16th for our first meeting of the Fall-Winter-Spring semester.

It’ll be a Zoom meeting once again. Peter will send you an email on the 15th, perhaps earlier, with our session ID number and Password. Peter will open up our virtual meeting room about 1:15 pm for those that want to check in early and say ‘hello’. We’ll start the meeting at 1:30 pm, ending no later than 3:30 pm.

On the agenda are two interesting topics.

Mike will summarize the highlights of our group’s newly created Business Plan and Strategy document. A copy of this document arrived in your Inbox on Tuesday, September 8th. Please take time to read it. Mike will answer any questions and share how our group will use this document going forward with our partners and interested others in the community.

Unlike other years, we do not yet have the topics of our monthly Educational Program mapped out. We need your suggestions about heart-healthy topics that are of interest to you. To assist in our group discussion, I’m asking everyone to complete a Risk Assessment questionnaire from Heart/Stroke.

It will take about ten minutes and you will receive a printable risk profile and strategies targeting your personal risk factors. In our group meeting, I will facilitate an interactive discussion that will identify the most common Controllable Risk Factors shared among our group members. Out of our discussions, we will identify topics to include in our Education calendar.

The H/S Risk Assessment tool is available at:

Enter ‘‘ into your browser.

You will be on the Risk Assessment information page.

In the bottom right corner, click on the tab ‘Start The Questionnaire‘.

This will take you into the questionnaire itself.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will be automatically emailed your own confidential and personal Risk Assessment profile and a menu of heart-healthy strategies to attack your highest ‘controllable risk’ categories.

It’s a cool tool.

If you have difficulty in gaining access to the Risk Assessment tool, contact me at ‘’.

See you next week.

Don Herald


As our community enters into Stage Two of the provincial reopening, Peterborough Family Health Team (PFHT), Peterborough Public Health (PPH) and Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) are asking all patients over the age of two (2) to wear a non-medical mask when attending in-person appointments.

The Ministry of Health recommends a face covering – a non-medical mask – to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission when social distancing or keeping two metres distance is challenging. A mask will help prevent the spread of illness from yourself to others, including other patients and your healthcare team. It also helps us to preserve certified personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers and support staff.

Peterborough Family Health Team (PFHT)
Family doctors and nurse practitioners who are part of the PFHT are open and ready to help patients who need medical attention. PFHT is currently offering virtual/phone assessments as well as safe, in-person appointments when needed. Seeking timely medical attention can help prevent unnecessary complications that could result in a visit to the Emergency Department.

Peterborough Regional Health Centre
With ongoing community support for PRHC’s #PTBO1000MaskChallenge, the hospital has distributed more than 20,000 donated handmade masks to patients and visitors since the beginning of April. PRHC continues to provide all patients and visitors with a handmade mask when they go through entrance screening. Fabric masks are made to be washed and reused. If you are coming to the hospital on a regular basis, please bring your freshly-cleaned mask back with you to use for each visit.

Making and caring for your mask
Interested in making a mask? You can find instructions here. Interested in purchasing a non-medical mask? You can find a list of several local organizations in Peterborough who are currently making and selling fabric masks here. If you are not able to sew or purchase a non-medical mask, you can find alternative face covering options here, as recommended by Peterborough Public Health. It’s important that you wear and care for your mask correctly to ensure it’s as effective as possible. Learn more. Thank you to everyone for doing their part to help contain and prevent the spread of illness in our community as healthcare providers work hard to meet additional demand on the system.


Well, it’s been quite the year for all of us. No need to tell you about the year’s events and circumstances.

We’ll be back on September 9th to begin a new year of excellent programming in support of your heart-healthy lifestyle.


Don, Mike, Peter and Helen


Lots of excellent information about cannabis products, health impacts you should be wary of and ‘how do I even begin’ type questions.

All will be answered in a video Dr. Paul Oh and a live question and answer session led by Bryce Miller – a local pharmacist, cannabis user and member of our group.

Peter has sent everyone the Zoom log in ID number and password.

Please join us at 1:15 for ‘hello’s’ and check-in’s.

The teaching and discussion starts at 1:30 pm

We should be finished about 3 pm.

See you there. Bring your questions about using cannabis products as part of your overall health management plan.


Cannabis – Send me your questions about it…

Bryce Miller is a pharmacist and an active member of the Cardiac Rehab Alumni Group. He is very knowledgeable about the medicinal and non-medicinal uses of all forms of cannabis. Bryce will be answering your questions at our June 13th meeting.

Bryce would like you to send him some of your questions about the use of cannabis products in advance of our meeting next week. There is no question too silly, too naive, too anything.

Please send your question(s) to the following email address:

Our Zoom meeting next Wednesday, June 13 begins at 130 pm. We plan to end about 3 pm but, depending on our discussion with Bryce, we may go a bit later, ending for sure, no later than 330 pm.

See you there.

Don Herald


Next Wednesday, June 10th our Zoom meeting will be exploring the important topic of cannabis use by individuals with cardiovascular disease and cannabis use by… well, everybody else!

Our members have been asking about this topic for quite some time – and here it is. Together, we’ll be viewing an excellent video by the University Health Network’s Dr. Paul Oh about the topic. Followed by a lively Q&A with our very own pharmacist Bryce Miller whose knowledge about the plant and all its various forms will certainly be both educational and entertaining.

Come with your questions. No question about cannabis use is too silly or outrageous. And I can guarantee you that even your kids won’t find out you were getting your pot questions answered!

Peter will be sending you the ID and Password numbers to our Zoom meeting which begins at 1:15 pm, our session starts at approximately 1:30 pm and will end about 3 pm.

This will be our last meeting until September.


Yes, this Wednesday is all about nutritional traps…

Alex Burghardt, a Registered Dietician with the Peterborough Family Health Team give us the facts about fat, booze, salt and sugar – eating traps that catch everyone of us almost every day.

Please join us at 115 pm on Wednesday, May 13th in our Zoom meeting room. Peter will have sent you our meeting ID and Password numbers. It’s easy to join the meeting.

See you there, eh?

Don Herald


Here’s a confession – way too much salt, a bit too much sugar, too much fat makes my dietary world go round and booze – well, that’s the only one I’m good at managing to keep at a very modest dietary level.

I’m looking forward to Alex Burghardt’s talk next Wednesday afternoon on how to deal with these common nutritional traps while still managing to enjoy what I eat and drink. Alex is a Registered Dietician with the Peterborough Family Health Team. She loves to talk about avoiding common nutritional traps in our daily lives.

Of course, we can’t meet in person, so we’re going with a Zoom group meeting. Peter will send out the meeting ID number and password on Monday, May 11th. We invite you to arrive early – about 1:15 to hang out for a bit, then at 1:30, we’ll open our meeting up to Alex for some excellent learning and discussion. We should finish up by 2:30 pm.

Will you please join us next Wednesday, May 13th?

At our June 3rd meeting, we’ll be learning about cannabis use in individuals with cardiovascular disease. Cannabis is a popular topic among our members, so we’re delighted to be able to offer you our very first cannabis themed topic. More details on the content as we get closer to the June meeting date.

Don Herald – Chair, Member Education Programs