Who We Are…

The Cardiac Rehab Alumni Group is a peer support group made up of people who have participated in a cardiac rehabilitation program . Spouses and life partners who are critical to supporting heart patients are also active members of our group.

We exist to help each other and our life partners stay on track with heart healthy lifestyles. It is a not-for-profit and unincorporated support group. Our peers have participated in programs such as the Central East LHIN program held at the Wellness Center in Peterborough or the hospital based programs at PRHC or Ross Memorial in Lindsay .

Our group is not run by or sanctioned by any hospital, or rehabilitation facility. Our group may be supported by a hospital, or rehabilitation facility or health care agency from time to time but the activities of our group are not managed by those agencies.

We may share educational information but we do not offer medical advice other than sharing accredited, publicly available information on heart health topics. All of our members are encouraged to consult their medical team for advice on any health issue they may be experiencing.

If you are looking for medical attention for heart health related issues, our group is not the right starting point. If you are seeking medical advice about a health condition, consult with your health care team. Your team can direct you to a suitable rehab program. Our members have all sought previous medical attention for cardiovascular related issues and are now focused on staying on track with the educational and emotional support of our group.

Our purpose is to provide each other with ongoing peer support to stay on track with heart healthy lifestyle choices. We accomplish this through the following activities:

  • Continued learning and education in the field of cardiac and cardiac related health, through guest speakers and sharing accredited publicly available information.
  • Helping each other stay on track.  Peer support helps to get us motivated and stay on track. Sharing personal heart-healthy goals with other members is an important activity among our members.
  • Promoting proper nutrition and healthy eating with grocery store tours and dietary information that supports a healthy lifestyle.
  • Peer group support is a welcome opportunity to talk with others about their experiences.
  • Information and realistic strategies for understanding and managing the emotional and psychological aspects of the lifestyle and personal changes experienced as a result of working on cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Providing family and friends with education so that they can understand how they might provide us with optimal support.

To become a peer group member you must have participated in a cardiac rehab program or been advised by your health team that this may be beneficial. Click the Contact Us link to get started.

This website has been designed by and is maintained by Alumni Group members. If you wish to enquire about joining our website team, use the ‘Contact Us’ link above to send us a message.